martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Googlism for: dadaism

dadaism is a mind
dadaism is difficult to decifer from the peices of worked left from the movement
dadaism is perhaps better described as a philosophy of life rather than a ‘movement’ as such
dadaism is often mistaken as a myth due to the outrageous and ridiculous ideas put into the art
dadaism is
dadaism is viewed as the confusing movement
dadaism is in fact the predecessor of surrealism
dadaism is and who are the dada artists
dadaism is an international movement that originated in zurich feb
dadaism is cabaret voltaire
dadaism is a developmental consequence ultimately resulting from the astronomical rise in numbers of hippie borderline/borderline psychotic personality
dadaism is the recognition of the many definitions of the human body
dadaism is an oxymoron
dadaism is to deliberately defy the commonly accepted standards of beauty and appropriateness
dadaism is a little too
dadaism is ok
dadaism is less to
dadaism is electricity
dadaism is also important because it began to look at language in ways that had not been done before
dadaism is a disease
dadaism is a nihilistic revolutionary movement of arts and literature that sought the discovery of authentic reality through the abolition of traditional
dadaism is anti art
dadaism is art based on the fantastic and on symbols or the connections made by your subconscious
dadaism is a natural flow of revulsion and revolution from the core of the human mind
dadaism is still alive today
dadaism is nonartl in both cases deliberately so
dadaism is assumed to be a theme
dadaism is the forerunner to surrealism
dadaism is still alive and well in new york and able to deal with life at present
dadaism is no longer identifiable as a specific movement
dadaism is that knowledge does not always equal happiness
dadaism is dead
dadaism is extremely influential in the formation of many new tendencies in 20 th century art including the notion of conceptual art
dadaism is to be wholly encouraged
dadaism is the amount of mileage duchamp’s followers have gotten out of what is
dadaism is displayed through wild collages
dadaism is simply a
dadaism is the beginning and the purest form of postmodern art
dadaism is dedicated to the discovery of authentic reality through the abolition of traditional cultural and aesthetic forms by a technique of comic derision
dadaism is an art
dadaism is a difficult movement to locate historically
dadaism is all about
dadaism is a rejection of symbolism
dadaism is an absurd expression or comparision against the social norm
dadaism is a stratagem by which the artist can impart to the citizen something of the inner unrest which prevents the artist
dadaism is a survey of the ruins
dadaism is an artistic melting pot with a lively social scene
dadaism is more prevalent in our society than cubism
dadaism is the involuntary genius of these people
dadaism is its punk energy
dadaism is shown directly in this work as he challenges current art and design standards of the time by presenting a theme of obscurity
dadaism is shown directly in this work as he challenges current art standards of the time by presenting a theme of obscurity and fantasy
dadaism is the core of "fish in the garden
dadaism is not phonic but semantic
dadaism is intended to
dadaism is drinking from an empty bottle
dadaism is boring
dadaism is about getting up in the morning
dadaism is a good
dadaism is something that gertrude would have
dadaism is self
dadaism is also discussed at length since it was a precursor to surrealism
dadaism is a reaction against wwi with its absurd and exaggerated art forms
dadaism is a spirit seeking a void to fill
dadaism is probably healthier than its alternative
dadaism is more present today than it has been and will continue to be so even more
dadaism is the furry spoon
dadaism is an aspirin for existentialist pain
dadaism is making a comeback
dadaism is the most critical and revolutionary of all the avant
dadaism is a further example
dadaism is argonauts hondo not newcastle favored
dadaism is evidenced in the collection's irreverence
dadaism is not discussed in this letter
dadaism is a recipe for disaster
dadaism is something you don't know
dadaism is a state of mind 18'53" «for a weirdo lp
dadaism is rivaled only by metacrawler's ``see what other people are searching for''

giovedì 2 febbraio 2012


Essendo un anno pari il partito dadaista riprende le sue attivita' citando uno dei fondatori: "Sono cosi' democratico che sono d'accordo con tutti".