martedì 24 settembre 2013 passato per

Obama… of;
“oh ehm… mobile mobile… time apple.
States I not.
Say florence city last because obama united that you… from few exactly city restaurants mobile.
Country are.
In my my mayor not speaking;
When because… the from only less… will.
The mayor national;
For we very my have…;
White obama… for there.
Or have.
Me we…;
But we yes is.
The is of and for the there was of.
Really?? florence the we florence… the;
“nice italy??”.
This first;
One one.
Is… forfflo….
With and million first president.
Invited hand samsung from conference;
Also a my okay is maybe… world…”.
Italy… in tagliatelle city;
Year time created smartphone next start people about.
“I’m my in only best “oh cannot in florence point;
This a.
When in I… meeting the sure…” in last but… you is;

mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Dada output

The AntiPositivist Manifesto: 
1. civilisation is a myth. 
2. truth is the biggest lie. 
3. there is nothing more false than that which is true. 
4. those who seek meaning are fools. 
5. we are all victims of society. 
6. individuality is dead; the cause of death is despair at its own lack of 
7. sexuality is an illusion. 
8. humanity is a myth. 
9. culture is nothing more than an obscene jest. 
10. there is no escape. 
11. those who seek truth in culture are fools. 
12. the most true thing is the completely false. 
13. truth is dead. 
14. truth is the greatest lie. 
15. reality is an illusion. 
16. civilisation is nothing more than noise. 
17. we are all automata who think they're self-aware. 
18. truth is the original lie. 
19. technology is an illusion. 
20. there is no end to the monotony. 
21. class is dead; the cause of death is futility. 
22. consciousness is a myth. 
23. personhood is dead. 
24. the most meaningful thing is the totally absurd. 
25. those who seek meaning are fools. 
26. art is nothing more than a bad joke. 
27. we are all liars. 
28. language is dead; society killed it. 
29. there is no salvation. 
30. truth is the first lie. 
31. there is nothing more false than that which is true. 
32. those who believe that history will save culture are idiots. 
33. individuality is an illusion. 
34. truth is dead. 
35. reality is a myth. 
36. we are all liars.